The Battle Resort
The Battle Resort
Visit the Battle Resort to perfect your Pokémon battle skills, raise new Pokémon, and learn new moves! You can only visit the Battle Resort after you’ve finished the Delta Episode. At the Battle Resort, you’ll find the Battle Maison, where you can challenge powerful Trainers in various battle formats, plus another Pokémon Day Care, and move tutors to teach new moves. It’s the place to visit to improve your Pokémon battle skills!
How to reach the Battle Resort
After you finish the Delta Episode, you’ll receive an S.S. Ticket, which allows you to board a ferry at either Slateport City or Lilycove City. The ferry will take you to the Battle Resort.
Other Visitors at the Battle Resort
When you get off the ship, you’ll meet Wally, who’s on his way to the Battle Resort, too. You’ll also come across some familiar faces from Team Magma and Team Aqua. They seem to be excited about being able to challenge powerful Trainers at the Battle Resort. A little later, you can choose to participate in a Multi Battle along with Team Magma Leader Maxie, Team Aqua Leader Archie, or even with Steven at the Battle Maison.
Measure Your Mettle at the Battle Maison!
Visit the Battle Maison to try a variety of tough battling challenges! Take on a series of Trainers and you’ll receive Battle Points (BP) according to how many times you win consecutively. There are five different battle formats available at the Battle Maison: Single Battle, Double Battle, Triple Battle, Rotation Battle, and Multi Battle. For each of these formats, you’ll be able to challenge a "Super" version, such as Super Single Battle, when you win 20 in a row in that format. You can earn even more BP in Super formats!
Exchange BP for Great Items!
Use the BP you earn at the Battle Maison to receive items at the Exchange Service Corner there, or have your Pokémon learn moves at one of the shops outside. The shops are just around the corner, so teach your Pokémon some new moves and then rush right back to the Battle Maison to see how powerful they’ve become!
Challenge Wally!
Wally has grown into a really tough Trainer since you last encountered him, and you'll soon have the opportunity to see how good he has become. Achieve a 50-win streak at the Battle Maison, and your monument will be raised inside. You’ll see Wally there. You can choose to challenge him, but look out—he’s no longer the wimpy Wally you first met. His Pokémon are incredibly powerful!

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