Ultimate Moves!
Ultimate Moves!
Use moves that only your Pokémon partner can learn! There are many different kinds of moves, and the moves that each Pokémon can learn differ. Now presenting the "ultimate moves," which are exclusive to Evolutions of the Pokémon partners you receive from professors.
Frenzy Plant
Frenzy Plant is one of the most powerful of all Grass-type moves, and Sceptile can learn it. It attacks the target by slamming it with a large tree. It’s the perfect move for Sceptile, which is said to be so strong that it has no real foes within the jungle.
Win It All with Dragon-Type Moves!
When Sceptile Mega Evolves, it gains the Dragon type. You'll be able to strike at the weakness of any fearsome Dragon-type Pokémon you might face. These blows are sure to do serious damage!
Blast Burn
Blaziken can learn Blast Burn, a move that is included in the list of the most powerful of all Fire-type moves. It attacks by burning targets to a crisp with explosive flames. It’s the perfect move for Blaziken, with its fiery fighting spirit.
Deliver Big Punches!
Lead foes around by the nose with a special speed boost! When Blaziken Mega Evolves, its Ability changes to Speed Boost. By raising your own Speed each turn, you'll leave the opponent with no chance to act. Then, lash out at weaknesses with three different punches!
Hydro Cannon
One of the most powerful of all Water-type moves is Hydro Cannon, a move Swampert can learn. It attacks by firing on a target with a massive blast of water. It’s the perfect move for Swampert, the heavy hitter that lives in swamps.
Pin Opponents with Overwhelming Attacks!
When Swampert Mega Evolves, its Attack is further honed. Smash foes by dealing them huge damage!

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