Feebas is the shabbiest Pokémon of all. With its tenacious will to live, it can survive on no more than the smallest amount of water. Feebas to Milotic is surely the most dramatic Evolution in Pokémon. To evolve this shabby-looking Pokémon into its stunning final form, raise its Beauty condition with Pokéblocks and then have it level up!
Category Fish Pokémon
Type Water
Ability Swift Swim / Oblivious
Height 2'00"
Weight 16.3 lbs.
It is said that seeing Milotic's beautiful form will soften even the hardest hearts and make anyone who sees it forget any hostile intentions.
Category Tender Pokémon
Type Water
Ability Marvel Scale / Competitive
Height 20'04"
Weight 357.1 lbs.

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