Mega Steelix
Mega Steelix
Steelix Mega Evolves into Mega Steelix. The cells within its body, crystallized by the energy produced from Mega Evolution, are stronger than any mineral and able to withstand any temperature. It moves incredibly slowly, but its strengthened body is also impervious to damage, and it lashes out at foes without flinching.
Category Iron Snake Pokémon
Type Steel/Ground
Ability Sand Force
Height 34'05"
Weight 1,631.4 lbs.
Onix can bore through the ground at speeds of 50 miles per hour by twisting its huge, rugged body. It has a magnet in its brain that prevents it from ever losing its sense of direction, even while deep underground.
Category Rock Snake Pokémon
Type Rock/Ground
Ability Rock Head / Sturdy
Height 28'10"
Weight 463.0 lbs.
Steelix bites through rocks with its sturdy jaws, digging towards the planet's center. It can dig more than half a mile into the ground. Its body, able to withstand the high pressure and heat in the planet's center, is harder than any metal.
Category Iron Snake Pokémon
Type Steel/Ground
Ability Rock Head / Sturdy
Height 32'02"
Weight 881.8 lbs.

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