Mega Salamence
Mega Salamence
The energy from Salamence's Mega Evolution is focused on its wings. Its two wings fuse together, becoming a single huge wing in a crescent shape. When flying at high speeds, this wing becomes a great blade, slicing through anything loitering in Mega Salamence's way.

When it Mega Evolves, its Defense stat soars. With its already high stats climbing even higher, this becomes an even more promising Pokémon than before. Its Aerilate Ability also makes Normal-type moves into Flying-type moves, increasing the ways that Mega Salamence can battle.
Category Dragon Pokémon
Type Dragon/Flying
Ability Aerilate
Height 5'11"
Weight 248.2 lbs.
Bagon has a dream of flying through the wide skies, and it hurls itself off cliffs every day to practice. As a result, its head has grown as tough and hard as tempered steel.
Category Rock Head Pokémon
Type Dragon
Ability Rock Head
Height 2'00"
Weight 92.8 lbs.
Within Shelgon's armor-like shell, its cells have begun transforming. Its shell is extremely heavy, making its movements somewhat sluggish.
Category Endurance Pokémon
Type Dragon
Ability Rock Head
Height 3'07"
Weight 243.6 lbs.
As a result of its deeply felt and long-held dream of flying, Salamence has finally sprouted a magnificent set of wings. It becomes uncontrollable if it is enraged, scorching all the fields and mountains across the land with its flames.
Category Dragon Pokémon
Type Dragon/Flying
Ability Intimidate
Height 4'11"
Weight 226.2 lbs.

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