Mega Lopunny
Mega Lopunny
Mega Lopunny's wild fighting instincts, long dormant, have been awakened! A full-power strike from its ears could crumple solid steel plates. Its personality transforms and becomes extremely aggressive, which often leaves its Trainer feeling bewildered by the change.

Lopunny's Attack gets a huge boost from Mega Evolution, and its already-high Speed also increases. With the Scrappy Ability, its Normal- and Fighting-type moves will even hit Ghost-type Pokémon.
Category Rabbit Pokémon
Type Normal/Fighting
Ability Scrappy
Height 4'03"
Weight 62.4 lbs.
Buneary curls up its ears as an expression of its feelings. By extending its rolled-up ears and striking the ground, it can bound so high that it surprises itself, or shatter large boulders in an instant.
Category Rabbit Pokémon
Type Normal
Ability Run Away / Klutz
Height 1'04"
Weight 12.1 lbs.
Lopunny is a very neat Pokémon and never fails to groom its ears. It is extremely cautious, and it bounds off lightly as soon as it senses danger.
Category Rabbit Pokémon
Type Normal
Ability Cute Charm / Klutz
Height 3'11"
Weight 73.4 lbs.

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