Mega Camerupt
Mega Camerupt
The humps on its back have transformed into one large and very active volcano. Magma is constantly bubbling up from within its body. It has a deep hatred of water or any moisture, and has an explosive personality and a short temper. The volcano on its back erupts constantly in an effort to intimidate its foes.

When it Mega Evolves, its Ability changes to Sheer Force. It grows stronger, and any moves that can have additional effects will grow in power—but it’s important to keep in mind that they will no longer be able to trigger their additional effects! Most of its stats are uniformly raised, but its Speed does drop. Try to think of strategies based on the likelihood of being second to act in battle.
Category Eruption Pokémon
Type Fire/Ground
Ability Sheer Force
Height 8'02"
Weight 706.6 lbs.
The humps on Camerupt's back contain volcanoes. The magma that boils up in its body spews from these humps. Huge eruptions occur regularly once a decade, but if the Pokémon becomes angry, the volcanoes will gush with great force.
Category Eruption Pokémon
Type Fire/Ground
Ability Magma Armor / Solid Rock
Height 6'03"
Weight 485.0 lbs.

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