Primal Groudon

Said to have expanded the landmass, Groudon is able to dispel rain clouds with its light and evaporate water with its heat.

Category Continent Pokémon
Type Ground
Ability Drought
Height 11' 06"
Weight 2,094.4 lbs.
Primal Groudon

With an Ability that can control the weather and a high Attack and Defense, the powerful Pokémon Groudon obtains even greater power upon Primal Reversion. When Groudon undergoes Primal Reversion, it becomes Primal Groudon.

Through Primal Reversion, Groudon's powerful Attack grows even greater. It also gains the Fire type, raising the power of the Fire-type moves it can learn. And it appears that its Ability might get a boost! Look forward to more details about the power hidden within Primal Groudon!

Category Continent Pokémon
Type Ground/Fire
Ability Desolate Land
Height 16' 05"
Weight 2,204.4 lbs.
Primal Groudon

Groudon has long been the heaviest of all known Pokémon. With its Primal Reversion, it smashes that record to pieces!

Primal Groudon's Ability Revealed
The Desolate Land Ability, which only Primal Groudon has, changes the weather condition to extremely harsh sunlight. It is not possible to change the weather condition during extremely harsh sunlight (leaving aside the efforts of an exceedingly small number of Pokémon).

Features of the extremely harsh sunlight condition:
・Grants the same effects to Pokémon and their moves as the harsh sunlight brought about by the Drought Ability
・The moves Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Sandstorm, and Hail will fail
・The Abilities Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, and Snow Warning will fail to activate
・Water-type attacks will become ineffective

Normally, the Abilities Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, and Snow Warning all last for five turns after being activated, regardless of whether the Pokémon is still in battle or not, and then the weather returns to normal.

Desolate Land’s weather effects, however, will last as long as Primal Groudon remains in battle. As soon as it is swapped out for another Pokémon, the weather immediately returns to normal.
An Exclusive Move for Groudon
The Precipice Blades move, which is a Ground-type move only Groudon can use, is a powerful attack that can hit multiple opponents. Scores of sharp rocks surge upward to spear its foes.

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