Introducing More Legendary Pokémon!
Introducing More Legendary Pokémon!
The Legendary Pokémon introduced here are but a few of those you may encounter. Many other Legendary Pokémon will appear in the full games.
Ho-Oh and Lugia

ESRB Be on the lookout for the Legendary Pokémon that graced the packages of Pokémon Gold Version, Pokémon Silver Version, Pokémon HeartGold Version, and Pokémon SoulSilver Version!

Catch Ho-Oh and Lugia!
There are some Legendary Pokémon that can be caught in places other than Mirage spots. The Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh and Lugia, which graced the covers of Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver and Pokémon HeartGold and Pokémon SoulSilver, can be caught in Sea Mauville. This is a location that can be reached using Surf. By searching within Sea Mauville, you can find an item called the Scanner, the first step to encountering Ho-Oh or Lugia.
Ho-Oh is a Legendary Pokémon said to fly through the skies above the world with its fantastic rainbow-colored wings. People say that rainbows follow in Ho-Oh's path wherever it flies.
Category Rainbow Pokémon
Type Fire/Flying
Ability Pressure
Height 12'06"
Weight 438.7 lbs.
With tough wings and powerful stats, this Legendary Pokémon is heralded as a god of the seas. When Lugia flaps its wings, it whips up a storm said to last 40 days.
Category Diving Pokémon
Type Psychic/Flying
Ability Pressure
Height 17'01"
Weight 476.2 lbs.
Dialga and Palkia

ESRBThe Legendary Pokémon Dialga and Palkia shone on the packages of Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version!

Dimensional Rift Mirage Spot
The Legendary Pokémon Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina can be caught in a Dimensional Rift Mirage spot. You can reach a dimensional rift where Dialga and Palkia appear by fulfilling the following conditions:
  • Dialga and Palkia: Have three specific Legendary Pokémon in your party
  • Giratina: Have two specific Legendary Pokémon in your party
Dialga is a Legendary Pokémon said to be able to move between the past and the future. It can freely manipulate the flow of time.
Category Temporal Pokémon
Type Steel/Dragon
Ability Pressure
Height 17'09"
Weight 1,505.8 lbs.
This Legendary Pokémon is said to be able to move between distant places and even different dimensions. It can freely manipulate the links between dimensions.
Category Spatial Pokémon
Type Water/Dragon
Ability Pressure
Height 13'09"
Weight 740.8 lbs.
Reshiram and Zekrom

ESRBThe Legendary Reshiram and Zekrom were the Pokémon that dominated the packages of Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version!

Fabled Cave Mirage Spot
The Legendary Pokémon Reshiram and Zekrom can be caught in the Fabled Cave Mirage spot. You can reach the Fabled Cave where Reshiram and Zekrom appear by fulfilling the following condition:
  • Have a very high-level Pokémon in your party
The Legendary Pokémon Reshiram could burn all the world with its flames. It is said to come to the aid of those who want to build a world based on truth.
Category Vast White Pokémon
Type Dragon/Fire
Ability Turboblaze
Height 10'06"
Weight 727.5 lbs.
The Legendary Pokémon Zekrom could fry the whole world with its lightning. It is said to stand beside those who want to build a world based on ideals.
Category Deep Black Pokémon
Type Dragon/Electric
Ability Teravolt
Height 9'06"
Weight 760.6 lbs.

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