Change Two Mythical Pokémon!
Change Two Mythical Pokémon!
The Mythical Pokémon Shaymin and Keldeo can change their appearance by going to certain locations in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. If you have either of these Pokémon, find out how to change them!
Transform Shaymin with the Gracidea Flower!
When you have Shaymin in your party, someone at the Berry Master's house on Route 123 will give you a Gracidea flower. Use the Gracidea flower on your Shaymin during the day to change it into its Sky Forme.

Shaymin will return to its Land Forme when night falls. If you use the Gracidea flower on your Shaymin again in daytime on the next day, it will change into its Sky Forme again.
Keldeo's Resolute Form!
Teach Keldeo the Secret Sword move, and it will take on its Resolute Form. At the Crooner's Café in Mauville City, there is a man who will teach Keldeo the Secret Sword move if it's in your party. After learning Secret Sword, Keldeo will take on its Resolute Form.

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