Game Sync with the PGL
Game Sync with the PGL
By using Game Sync in your game, you can enjoy a number of services at the Pokémon Global Link. First, your progress and records from your adventures in the game will be displayed on your Logbook and can be shared with other players. Plus, you can participate in Random Matchup Rating Battles and Online Competitions. And you'll be able to use your Poké Miles to play attractions and obtain items from the PokéMileage Shop that you can send to your game.

In addition, you can check out news about upcoming Pokémon events and find useful data, like the records of your Pokémon trades.
Share Your Secret Base!
Easily share your Super-Secret Bases with players around the world and go play in them! You can see the information about your Secret Base on your profile page, and also have the QR Code for it displayed there. Scanning in a QR Code at a Secret Base in your game will let other players around the world visit your Secret Base with ease, while you can visit others’ bases in the same way.
Show Your Photos
Show off the photos you’ve taken during Pokémon Contest Spectaculars! The shots you take of your Pokémon performing in Pokémon Contest Spectaculars will be displayed on your page. You can show off your best shots to plenty of other players and feel like a pro photographer!

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