The Truth about Cosplay Pikachu!
The Truth about Cosplay Pikachu!
More has been revealed about the Pikachu wearing creative costumes. The truth is that this Pikachu is a star Pokémon that's wildly popular in Pokémon Contest Spectaculars. It goes by the name Cosplay Pikachu! The heart-shaped mark on its tail is its signature, and it absolutely loves fashion. By dressing up in different costumes, it can steal the show in all kinds of contests!

After you take part in your first contest, you will be able to get this Cosplay Pikachu on your team. You can change Cosplay Pikachu's costumes anytime in the green room at any Contest Hall. Note: Other Pikachu that you catch or obtain cannot dress up in these costumes. Only the Cosplay Pikachu that you receive at the Contest Hall can dress up in contests.
How Does Cosplay Pikachu Change Costumes?
Cosplay Pikachu can have its costumes changed anytime in the green room at any Contest Hall.
Your Own Costumes!
You'll also be dressing up when you stand on stage together. Put on the special costume you get from Lisia!
Battle with Cosplay Pikachu!
Cosplay Pikachu can take on different appearances and learn different moves, and those changes will appear in battle, as well! Depending on its costume, it will be able to use moves that a normal Pikachu cannot learn, making it very attractive for battle. Check out some of these special moves and how they work in both contests and battles!
Pikachu Rock Star's Meteor Mash
Pikachu Rock Star can use Meteor Mash, showing off Pikachu's cool side.
Pikachu, Ph.D.'s Electric Terrain
Pikachu, Ph.D., will reveal its clever side with the Electric Terrain move.
Pikachu Pop Star's Draining Kiss
Show off Pikachu Pop Star's cute side by using Draining Kiss in contests.
Pikachu Belle's Icicle Crash
As Pikachu Belle, you can show off Pikachu's beautiful side with Icicle Crash.
Pikachu Libre's Flying Press
In contests, the Flying Press move will show off Pikachu Libre's tough side.

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