The Talent Round
The Talent Round
The main event in any Contest Spectacular is the Talent Round, where Pokémon use their moves to show off their appeal. Every move that a Pokémon can learn is associated with one of the five contest conditions. In your five turns during the Appeal Round, try to select moves that match the contest type to really get the audience on your side. After the Talent Round, the contest results will be announced.
Talent Round Strategy: Combinations!
During the Talent Round, you can create combos by using two particular moves in a row, which can really impress the audience. Try to find the perfect move combos! Check out this example with Salamence.
Talent Round Strategy: Cool Moves!
There are other strategies as well, such as using moves that can startle other Pokémon so they lose some of their appeal, or moves that make other Pokémon so nervous that they are unable to use their own moves. Just like in regular battles, contests will require strategic thinking to master!
Talent Round Strategy: Audience Excitement!
All of the Pokémon taking part in a contest can help get the audience excited. The level of excitement can be seen in the excitement gauge. The amount of excitement will go up or down, based on how the Pokémon succeed in showing off their appeal.
Talent Round Strategy: Move Timing!
Try to time your appealing moves so the excitement reaches its maximum level on your turn. You will be able to pull off a special, gorgeous appeal, and even earn a bonus! Since other Pokémon can both increase and decrease the excitement in the hall, though, things may not always go just as you’ve planned. You’ll have to strategize to ensure that the excitement reaches its peak on your turn!
Talent Round Strategy: Mix Up the Moves!
Using the same move repeatedly can lower the crowd's excitement level. The trick is to choose your moves in a way that ensures the excitement reaches its maximum level on your turn. And there's more: Pokémon that are able to Mega Evolve will do so when the excitement reaches its max level and earn an even greater bonus. You can't let this chance go by!

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