Even More Contest Fun
Even More Contest Fun
There's a lot more you can do with the Pokémon Contest Spectacular. First, using communication features, you can play together with your friends. Compete with your friends and family members on the contest stage!

You can also take photos of your precious Pokémon. When the camera icon is displayed, you can take a picture of your favorite moment during a contest. If you talk to the young man near the reception desk who says it’s his job to prepare the Contest Hall, he can even set it up so you can take pictures of your Pokémon, capturing the world around you in the background! Try to take the ultimate shot with your Pokémon!
Contest Fan Support
When you start to take part in contests, you will begin finding your fans waiting for you near the entrances to Contest Halls. These fans will support you in their own ways, cheering you on and giving you gifts like Berries. As you gain more skill in the contests, the number of fans waiting for you will increase, and they will be even more help to you!
Take on Contest Star Lisia!
Lisia spots your great potential and scouts you for the contest circuit. Each time you succeed in a new rank, she’ll help you celebrate with heartfelt enthusiasm.

Lisia has a dream of standing together on stage with you once you've become a star in your own right, and competing to put on the ultimate performance. If you can prevail in Master Rank contests for Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, and Toughness, you'll be a real star and able to appear on stage together with Lisia.
Meet Lisia's Rival Chaz!
Chaz is a young man who claims to be Lisia's one true rival. He doesn't seem very fond of you, now that Lisia has recognized your talent in the contest circuit. You'll face off against Chaz on stage in the Super Rank and above.
Gym Leader Wallace Appears!
After you enter the Pokémon League's Hall of Fame, entering a Master Rank contest in the Beauty category may have you facing off against Gym Leader Wallace. If you win in a Beauty contest that both Wallace and Lisia take part in, you'll discover the surprising relationship between the two of them.

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