Fly Freely through the Skies!
Fly Freely through the Skies!
Until now in the Pokémon series, your adventure was limited to the tall grass and the forests, the cave, the routes, and the seas themselves. Now your adventure finally takes flight!

You can of course still travel in the field, but there are also places you can only reach from the sky, and Pokémon that you can only meet in the sky. Unknown adventures and discoveries are waiting for you!
Take Flight and Soar!
Partway through your adventure, you’ll become able to Soar in the sky. Gaze down over the wide Hoenn region as you Soar freely wherever you wish!

Try using the Eon Flute, obtained during your adventure, in the field. Latios or Latias will come to pick you up, and you’ll be able to take off on its back to Soar the skies. Prepare to be awed by the spectacle of Latios or Latias Mega Evolving in the air!
Pokémon Battles in the Sky!
Many Pokémon live their lives aloft in the skies. While exploring the skies above, you may encounter Pokémon—and have the chance to either battle or catch them!

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