Elite Four Phoebe
Elite Four Phoebe
While spending time at Mt. Pyre, Phoebe became able to communicate with Ghost-type Pokémon. She still thinks that she needs some training as a Pokémon Trainer, but she has confidence in her ability to communicate with her Pokémon. Dusknoir is one of the Ghost-type Pokémon that make up Phoebe's team.

Dusknoir moves between this world and the next. This Pokémon is feared for the way that it is said to suck in wandering souls and wield them. The antenna on Dusknoir's head receives psychic waves from the spirit world, and the orders it receives prompt it to take people with it to the spirit world.

Category Gripper Pokémon
Type Ghost
Ability Pressure
Height 7' 03"
Weight 235.0 lbs.

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