Elite Four Sidney
The Pokémon League
The Pokémon League is where the greatest Pokémon Trainers in the Hoenn region can be found: the Elite Four and the Champion. In order to challenge the Champion to a battle, you’ll first have to defeat the Elite Four.
Elite Four Sidney
This member of the Elite Four is known for his chill attitude and sense of fashion. Sidney loves Pokémon battling, caring little whether he wins or loses. Sidney uses Dark-type Pokémon, including the Grass- and Dark-type Shiftry.

Shiftry is a mysterious Pokémon that is said to live at the tops of towering trees that date back over a thousand years. It creates terrific windstorms with its leaf fans. It has long been feared as a guardian of the forests.

Category Wicked Pokémon
Type Grass/Dark
Ability Chlorophyll / Early Bird
Height 4' 03"
Weight 131.4 lbs.

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