Team Magma Leader Maxie
Team Magma Leader Maxie
Maxie is the leader of Team Magma, the team seeking a world ideal for humanity. He pays attention to even the smallest of details, and is quite sensitive in some regards. He has a habit of describing situations in numerical terms. He possesses a cool-headed outlook, thinking that some sacrifices cannot be avoided if he is to achieve his goals.
The humps on Camerupt's back contain volcanoes. The magma that boils up in its body spews from these humps. Huge eruptions occur regularly once a decade, but if the Pokémon becomes angry, the volcanoes will gush with great force.
Category Eruption Pokémon
Type Fire/Ground
Ability Magma Armor / Solid Rock
Height 6'03"
Weight 485.0 lbs.

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