Gym Leader Brawly
Gym Leader Brawly
Gym Leader Brawly uses Fighting-type Pokémon, including Makuhita. He is an agreeable young man with a refreshing personality. Due to his surfing hobby, he has well-toned legs and shoulders and a great sense of balance. Defeat Brawly to earn the Knuckle Badge.
The Knuckle Badge
With the Knuckle Badge, Pokémon up to Lv. 30 will obey your orders, even if you receive them from others.

Makuhita has a tireless spirit—it will never give up hope. It loves training its body more than anything else. Makuhita slam themselves into huge trees over and over to toughen their bodies and stouten their hearts. You will see mountains of splintered trees near the areas where they live.

Category Guts Pokémon
Type Fighting
Ability Thick Fat / Guts
Height 3' 03"
Weight 190.5 lbs.

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