The DexNav
The DexNav
The DexNav application displays information about Pokémon that appear in the area you’re currently in. You can even search for Pokémon hiding in the tall grass and other places.
Find Hidden Pokémon!
When you’re walking about in the fields in these games, you’ll sometimes see a bit of a Pokémon's body sticking out above the tall grass or splashing out of the water.

Your DexNav comes with a convenient search function that allows you to learn more about Pokémon hiding in the field. When you start the DexNav app, you can search for information about hidden Pokémon, which will be displayed on the lower screen.

Before the battle even begins, you can know what kind of Pokémon is waiting for you, and even what kind of Ability or moves it might have. Searching out new Pokémon is going to be a blast!
Focus on One Kind of Pokémon!
Using the DexNav, once you have caught at least one of a certain kind of Pokémon, you can then choose to search only for specimens of that Pokémon species.

The DexNav will be a big help to Trainers who want to focus on finding a particular kind of Pokémon. Searching out Pokémon just got a lot easier!
Increase Your Search Level
The Search Level displayed in the upper-right corner goes up in proportion to how many specimens of a Pokémon species you have found.
As the Search Level goes up...
  • It will become easier for you to encounter Pokémon with Hidden Abilities or rare moves.
  • The information you see about Pokémon you’re searching for will become more detailed.

Have fun in the field searching for Pokémon!
Sneak Up Slowly to Get Close!
If you try to approach a hidden Pokémon in the field as usual, it will run away! If you want to be sure of encountering it, you'll have to sneak up so stealthily that it never notices you as you slowly approach! Be very, very careful!
Register Pokémon Without Battling
There are many ways in which you might meet Pokémon during your adventure, such as meeting Pokémon traveling with other Trainers or coming across Pokémon in the field. If you use the DexNav, those everyday Pokémon encounters can also be used to register Pokémon in your Pokédex.

You’ll be able to check where the Pokémon you see reside in the wilds using the distribution tab in your Pokédex. If you see a Pokémon you like, try to go out and catch one! The feeling of realism in your adventure is getting a great boost!
Mark Your Pokémon-Catching Progress
Instantly understand how your Pokémon catching is going! On the DexNav screen, you will be able to see the area you’re currently in, along with icons representing area Pokémon you have encountered and caught. An area Pokémon that you have encountered at least once will appear in silhouette. When you catch a specimen, its icon will show up in full color. You'll be able to tell at a glance which Pokémon from that area you've seen and caught.

Catching Pokémon is becoming even more fun! With a goal in sight for each area, try to complete your Pokédex!

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