The AreaNav
The AreaNav
Of course, the AreaNav application can tell you where certain locations are on the map. But it can do more than that! It can tell you where to find Pokémon and Trainers, Secret Bases, and your Berry Trees. You can even check in on how your Berries are coming along.
AreaNav: Places
Learn more about towns, facilities, and routes that you select.
AreaNav: Pokémon
Learn which Pokémon appear anywhere you select on the map. You can also check Pokémon distribution by area.
AreaNav: Trainer's Eye
View Trainers appearing in a selected area that you can battle again and get details about them. You'll also be able to see if they're ready for a rematch.
AreaNav: Secret Bases
View information about Secret Bases you've discovered. Instantly check whose base is where!
AreaNav: Berries
Check where you have Berry Trees growing and what their current condition is. Berries are important items that can be used in battle or to make Pokéblocks!

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