Super Training
Super Training
Train your Pokémon with Super Training! Pokémon normally gain experience by battling against other Pokémon, which increases their levels. However, you can also use Super Training to help your Pokémon grow.
Super-Training Regimens
In Super-Training Regimens, you will face off against a giant balloon that is shaped like a Pokémon. You will both be trying to fire shots into each other's goals as you train. The on-screen depth, using the Nintendo 3DS system’s abilities, lets you really get into the action. Using your Circle Pad and the Touch Screen, try to protect yourself against incoming shots while targeting your opponent's goals!
Core Training
In addition to Super-Training Regimens, Core Training is another way to easily train your Pokémon. You'll earn training bags for completing Super-Training Regimens. If you have a training bag up, your Pokémon will go on doing Core Training on its own, continuing its growth. Players can also help Pokémon along by tapping the Touch Screen. Your Pokémon's Core Training efforts are the default display on the Super Training screen. Train your Pokémon anytime—not just in battles!
Raising Your Pokémon's Base Stats
Super Training does not increase your Pokémon's level. Rather, it raises their base stats—the values that help decide how much their HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed stats increase.
Learning about Stats
Not sure what stats like HP and Attack mean? See below for an explanation.

  • HP: Hit Points portray the Pokémon's health. If HP drops to zero after taking attacks, the Pokémon will become unable to battle.
  • Attack: Affects how much damage a Pokémon deals to targets with physical moves.
  • Defense: Affects how much damage a Pokémon takes from opponents using physical moves.
  • Sp. Atk: Affects how much damage a Pokémon deals to targets with special moves.
  • Sp. Def: Affects how much damage a Pokémon takes from opponents using special moves.
  • Speed: Affects which Pokémon will get to move first in battle.
The Effort-o-Meter
Check out the Effort-o-Meter to easily grasp your Pokémon's base stats!

The interior part of the graph shows the species strengths of a Pokémon. These represent how one stat or another might grow faster for a certain species of Pokémon than it does for another species. In other words, this part should appear to be the same shape and size for any Pokémon of the same species. The exterior part of the graph shows the base-stat gains that your Pokémon has earned from Super Training and battling.

There is a limit to how much a single Pokémon can increase its base stats. The meter on the right-hand part of the screen demonstrates that upper limit.

Each Pokémon will naturally find some stats easier to grow than others. Knowing the particulars of your Pokémon and using their strengths to the fullest in Pokémon battles is the path to victory. Try to determine your Pokémon's strengths from their graphs as you raise them up!

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