The Pokédex
Adventure Tools

As a Trainer, you'll use many important tools. These tools help you track Pokémon, communicate with other Trainers, and carry out other tasks central to the life of a Trainer.

The Pokédex

The Pokédex is a very handy tool that can record information about the Pokémon you’ve found and caught on your adventure, such as their appearance, where they live, and more.

Meet Pokémon and catch them, and then register lots of Pokémon in the Hoenn Regional Pokédex as you strive to fill it out completely. Try finding plenty of different Pokémon as you explore the Hoenn region—this is one of the goals of your journey!

Registering Pokémon

Whenever you find a Pokémon, it will automatically have its name and appearance registered in your Pokédex. You can find Pokémon in tall grass and caves, in rivers and oceans, and in so many more places in the natural world. Try searching for them in all kinds of different places!

You can also discover new Pokémon by battling other Pokémon Trainers, trading Pokémon with other players, raising your Pokémon until they evolve, and in many other ways.

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